The Curse of the Werewolves

  • Blood-chilling locations
  • Brain-twisting puzzles
  • Intriguing story
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 682

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Travel to a family manor and lift the mysterious Curse of the Werewolves in this blood-chilling and enthralling Hidden Object Adventure! Delve into the dark story of Ashley, after she receives a mysterious postcard from her grandma. Your journey will take you through the dusty rooms of an old mansion, misty moonlit forests, the rocky cliffs of the ocean shore and the echoing depths of the ancient passageways. Can you help unravel this dark mystery?


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Genre : Puzzle

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The Curse of the Werewolves
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Travel to a family manor and lift the mysterious Curse of the Werewolves in this blood-chilling and enthralling Hidden Object Adventure!

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The Curse of the Werewolves game play The Curse of the Werewolves game play

Absolutely perfect - maybe a little short

This is a complete little gem of a game, which surprised me after reading the other reviews. The negativity meant that I trialled before I bought, and played through as fast as I was able - which meant when my hour was up I was fifteen minutes from the end of the game. I bought it to play those fifteen minutes, and to replay it to my heart's content, as I'm sure I will. The story is fairly basic. You're given your goal - finding grandma - at the beginning and while there are a few little surprises throughout, there isn't much more story progression til you reach the end, when you get a wonderful cinematic explaining everything you've seen on your journey. I really enjoyed this and wish more games would do it; far too often the story is part of the game and the frantic clicking of the 'endgame' scenario means you don't often check your diary in the final moments to get the big reveal. Whether you read your diary at every chance or not in this game, you won't be left with many questions. The playstyle is fairly magnificent. Not a whole lot new when it comes to the puzzles or HOs, though you'll want to 'look with your mouse' as it were, as occasionally your mouse becomes a hand - this is your only indication that you'll need to interact with the scene to find certain items. But what really makes this game stand out is its map. No it doesn't let you zip magically from one locale to the other, but it's a whole lot better than that. We might be used to maps that tell us which rooms have areas of interest, but this one goes so far as to show you, in a simple schematic, where IN THE ROOM that area is. It'll also show you where the HOs pop up, and these can sometimes appear in random places so that's pretty handy. Some reviewers suggested the need of a walkthrough but I can say this with some certainty - get to know your map and there should be no point at which, when you get stuck, it will not reveal all the answers. On the one occasion where I did not know what to do next and my map provided no

Awesome adventure!

This is probably one of the best adventure games I have played in years! If you like super easy hints and maps that move you instantly this is not the game for you. There is no instant gratification in this game. It is all about using your brain. There is a map that tells you where you still need to find things but that is all it does. The only hints are in the HOGs. A couple of things threw me as being odd like using a stone instead of a sledghammer but for the most part it was really cool. This is a game where you actually have to think! The ending was a little too easy as compared to the rest of the game but still nice. I would definitely recommend this game to those that like to play but not use a walkthrough to cheat. It is extremely cerebral in some parts and a lot like being an actual police detective. They don't get any hints! Why should we?

Looking for Adventure?

You?ve already read about the storyline, so here?s other info: *Hint button ONLY works in hog (which is why this is more for adventure fans). *HOS are messy, not junky but they are on the gray/dark side and rather small. *Map shows areas with available HOS and areas of interest but does not transport you. *Some backtracking, not excessive. *Two modes of play, 2nd does NOT have sparkles. *VO well done. *Puzzles are not difficult, and are variations of standards (pipes, make buttons all one color) *Sound effects good, music fits story and not irritating. *Length of game approx. 5 hours +/- I purchased undemo?d (BIG gamble), but I am happy with my purchase. I did get very frustrated early on when I?d done everything and could not advance?well obviously I did not do everything! Not having a hint button makes for a more thought provoking game. If your spoiled with the hint button, this may not be for you, which is why I recommend for adventure fans (we like to explore, investigate and figure out the next step ourselves) and not so much HO fans. Overall, I think this is a gem in the rough. It could have been much better (bigger budget perhaps). I?ve seen a lot worse!

Much better than it's rating

Excellent graphics, good story line, plenty challenging and plenty long. Don't know what it has a lore rating, it's great!

Oh boy. This game was ah-mah-zing.

I don't get the many bad reviews this game got at all. It was such a creepy and eerie experience. I felt like I was in a horror movie. The atmosphere was just brilliant. I never needed to look at the walkthrough for this game at all. Not even once. And most of the time I usually do because I just lose my way, however, this didn't happen in "The Curse of the Werewolves" because I became completely enthralled in the game, because the map was extremely useful and also because the item interactions you were supposed to do were blantantly obvious. I have read in a review here that the search scenes can be zoomed in again even though there is nothing more to do in them, but when you pick up or interact with everything you can in such scenes, they automatically close and that's how you know there's nothing more for you to do there even though you can still zoom in. Pros: - Almost palpable and breathing atmosphere. Just brilliant. Every little thing contributed to it. The nicely told and unfolded storyline, the effects, the artwork, the sound and the music. Un-be-li-evable. - The ambient sounds and the music were pratically always the same but they didn't bothered me not even once. That is definitely a feat. The footsteps sound effects were delightful, too not to mention the howling sounds outside. Top notch; - The effects were beautiful. The dust falling all around the mansion, the lamps or the lit candles, the moonlight. So beautiful; - The artwork is the bomb, too. The mansion is so beautiful to look at. My favorite location was the dinning room with the creepy wolf head above the fireplace. The scenes are more dark than usual but that's part of the story and the setting and enveloped everything in an incredible aura of mystery; - The hidden objects scenes weren't few but they were a pleasure for me to play and I love when that happens. Although some of the objects were very small, they were still pretty easy for me to spot. The HO scene I liked the most was the one


The game is difficult but very interesting. It is for those players, who do not like playing hastily.

Unexpected gem

I agree whole-heartedly with those who say this game is under-rated. I am so glad I paid attention to them and not the over-all rating because this game was so fun to play I would have hated to miss it. I thought the sound was really outstanding - never annoying, always spooky and varied. I love it when a developer pays attention to the sound, and this time it really paid off. Another thing I loved were the HO scenes. Normally they are something I kind of put up with to advance the story, but in this game they were a plus. It is true that they were dim and gloomy, but that fit the game's atmosphere and I rarely needed the hint. And some of the clues/items were so clever it made me smile. It was slightly interactive and the interactiveness, if that is a word, was very clever. OK, moving on, I liked the voice of the main character - she didn't say all that much, but she sounded real and maybe even someone it would be nice to know. The hint system was really excellent, it told you where there were things to do but not what needed to be done. Just the way I like it. I didn't have to skip any puzzles - always a plus. Oh, and the plot - OK, not much of a plot, and it was mostly explained at the end, but the whole atmosphere dragged me along. Someone said it is short - I actually thought it was pretty long but I like to take my time and I can say that I was having so much fun I didn't want it to end.

What a surprise packet.

Despite it only having 3 stars I decided to trial it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Yes the hidden object scenes are a little dark but the building is abandoned and only light by candle and lamp light. Some objects are partly obscured by others and you do have to open boxes and such to find others. There are only hints for the HO scenes, but if you click on the compass it shows the location of: HO scenes, mimi puzzles and points of interest, this is sufficient enough and so you have to use your brains to decide what to do next. The graphics are great, it's atmospheric and the mini puzzles are not to difficult. Overall length was good. Trial it for your selves and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Where Did This Wolfy Gem Come From?

Sometimes an obscure SE game comes along where people often are split into two camps, those who absolutely hate it and those who love it. I belong to the latter camp; I loved this game. It came as a total surprise but after having played the demo, I found myself needing an immediate walkthrough and lost as to what to do next. I always enjoy the challenge offered in these tpes of games. Our story begins in New York where Ashly recieves an anonymous postcard sent from Maine where she grew up. D?sturbed at the fact that her Grandmother does not answer her recent phone calls, she decides to drive to her Granny's house only to discover her missing and her Manor is empty. Can anyone say Red Riding Hood? By the title of this game, we know that the storyline is about werewolves and we soon find ourselves playing a creepy Hidden Object Adventure game where we have to collect clues and unravel the mystery behind Ashley's dark past. The graphics are relatively good, sharp and obviously due to subject matter, dark and creepy. There are voice-overs and Ashley does have the tendency to talk a bit too much. There are two play modes to choose from and unfortunately, the hint only works inside the HO scenes. There is alot of adventure in this game and puzzles to solve and inventory items to collect. The mini-games are not that original nor were they challenging and the HO scenes were slightly interactive and at times, slightly blurry. As I said, the hint button only works within HO scenes and after 40 minutes of gameplay, to my great frustration and delight, I got stuck as to where to go and what to do. There is an interactive map that does give you progress indicators and a journal, but that is about it. No hand-holding whatsoever. This part will probably be a problem for many gamers who don't enjoy the constant clicking around and bumbing into things, backtracking alot and finding yoruself playing the same HO scenes several times to pick up the odd inventory tool. I myself dont mind and actually enjoy unraveling a mystery on m

wolves everywhere

As another reviewer said, you will love or hate this game. I loved it! This is only the 3rd game of the horror genre that goes on my favorite game list. In fact, I rarely buy them and if I do I'm usually dissapointed. But, although this one does lack a hint system outside the HO scenes and those are often dark, I completely enjoyed this one and couldn't stop playing. What most endeared me was the wolves that popped up everywhere and the acting. Unlike most of these games, Ashley delivered such lines as "Oh, Grandma", with believable emotion. The game was challenging but that will add to its ability to be replayed. The story was great, with a surprise, involved ending.

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