Heartwild Solitaire

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One fateful night, after a daring escape from her violent and estranged husband, Anne travels the world alone, undergoing a journey of self-discovery, deliverance, and destiny. Follow her story of triumph, wrapped in mysticism. Uncover her fate through the use of the Heartwild magic cards that guide her footsteps, and yours. How much the cards reveal about her future depends on you!


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Genre : Card & Board

Enjoy familiar favorites like solitaire, bingo, poker, dominos, and game shows.

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Heartwild Solitaire
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An enchanting solitaire game that will reveal the fate of an unlikely heroine with an indomitable will to survive.

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Heartwild Solitaire game play Heartwild Solitaire game play

A Different Kind of Solitaire

This is more of a card matching game than a solitaire game, although it retains some basic features. But that's fine. The music, graphics, and interface are all fine. The only drawback is the storyline which is too spicy to hand-off to kids. Wish there was a way to disable it. Ultimately I could not stop playing this game, and I guess that's the bottom line. It was making me addicted. It's not Fairway Solitaire (which is the standard for solitaire variants), nor is it a just a card game with a cool deck, but this quick action card game really gets the job done!


I bought this after only 10 minutes of the trial game. I love the graphics, the story line, the whole experience! I wish my computer had a 70" screen attached to it so I could really be engulfed in this masterpiece of fun!


This game does NOT appear to be timed because when I look at the timer it's either empty or gradually filling as I'm clicking on matched pairs of numbers. I believe that the quicker you pair the cards and get the timer filled is what provides your ending tally at the conclusion of each level. This is similar to majhong but uses playing cards of which you have to match pairs of numbers. This game also has a nice twist to it by having a slot machine that runs and you have to find either ALL the same suits or same card from the table splay of cards matching whatever is shown on said machine -- that IS definitely timed but you DON'T lose that level, just get less of a score due to whatever cards you may have missed. This game might become frustrating as you REQUIRED to completely clear the board so make sure that you pick up cards that are lying atop as-yet unturned cards BEFORE clicking on those cards that are standing alone -- unless 1 card is a "stand alone" and the matching is atop other unturned cards. An issue that I had was in missing the lower stacked cards towards my left; I had to replay a couple of levels due to the fact that I honestly never saw those cards to begin with until it was too late

Fun Card Game

This isn't the solitaire that I play. This is more like a fast paced "Match 2" with bonus rounds that move like lightning. It's like being in a casino with the music and the great graphics. There is a storyline behind it. It is just a few pages after each set of games regarding a woman who has left her abusive husband. I didn't pay any attention to it but if you are purchasing this game for a child you will want to demo it first. It was an immediate buy for me.

Heartwild Solitaire

I have always loved to play solitaire ever since I was a little girl and I would watch my mom play regular solitaire. I like to play spider solitaire alot, and now I have been playing all kinds of different solitaire online.

LOVED this game! Relaxing! Give it a try.

At first I wasn't wild about this game, then realized how relaxing it was - the music, no timers and a different kind of solitaire. It's matching the same number on the card. Hope this isn't a spoiler, but after you think you have finished the game, you get the opportunity to play another type of game. I won't say anymore. It is really enjoyable! Just give it a try, even if you get it on sale, it's really worth it. I will be going back to this one to play over quite a few times.

Out of the ordinary game

The story line is interesting and the colors are beautifull. The music is lovely and very relaxing. Keeps me coming back.

Speed Important

This is not a standard solitaire game and it shouldn't be, It is a timed match game and a lot of fun, great music, and beautiful graphic color.

Very attractive Mahjong-type Solitaire

I didn't take any notice of the storyline but I love the game. It's actually 2 games: when you complete the find-the-same- cards game it opens another in which you match cards which add up to 13.

What fun!

If you like the Jewel Quest Solitaire games you'll like this one. Very similar to JQS I and II. Simple card matching but not always easy. And a couple of "challenge" games thrown in. All a good way to pass some time. Really nice graphics and the music is ok too (I don't usually turn the music on but this one was good and not too repetitive).

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